Top Trends for Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Kitchens

‘Tis the season for kitchen remodels, which means there’s a lot of décor choices to be made. Let’s go over some of the most popular trends in kitchen hardware to help you decide.


Whether the knobs are round or flat, this shape is the most traditional option that still looks great in a variety of décor styles. With more surface area than bar pulls, they can better show off the finish of the hardware, which may be more attractive to some homeowners. It all depends on the person’s choice and style.

Bar Pulls

These sleek, minimalist choices are popular in kitchens that are focusing on modern trends and styles. Cylinder bar pulls have been popular for years, and square bar pulls have been gaining popularity for farmhouse-inspired kitchens. For some, bar pulls are also a better option because they’re easier to grip than a knob. They can come in a variety of widths and lengths, so you can choose the best option for your comfort and what looks best on the cabinets.


Becoming more popular in recent years, homeowners may choose to mix and match by using both knobs and bar pulls in their kitchen. For example, they may use knobs for the upper cabinets and then bar pulls for the lower ones. Or maybe bar pulls for drawers pulling out and then knobs for cabinets opening up.

Satin Nickel

A satin nickel finish on hardware means it has an even, non-reflective texture typically etched with a metal brush and then coated with lacquer. This makes it a very durable choice, and it has a smooth, velvety appearance that looks good with many colors like copper, gold, silver, and black. A black satin nickel polish has become very popular in recent years.

Matte Black

While satin presents a semi-matte sheen, there is also the option of completely matte hardware. Similar to the satin nickel, black matte hardware has become very popular for modern, industrial, and farmhouse kitchens. The finish gives the hardware a rich color that’s still very durable and typically gives a nice contrast against the kitchen cabinets.

Gold/Silver Tone

Whether you choose a finish like polished, satin, brushed, or matte, using gold or silver for your hardware has always been one of the most popular options. They are easy to fit in with many different styles, depending on whether you’re going for a warm or cool tone. If you’re choosing more warm colors, then gold will complement the design wonderfully. If you’re choosing cool colors, then silver would do the same.

Brushed Nickel

While very similar to satin nickel in appearance, brushed nickel is achieved in a very different way. True brushed nickel hardware is brushed with a tool that makes small abrasions in the metal and takes the natural shine off of it. Because of that, it has a slight texture that the satin nickel does not.

Weathered Nickel

Popular in farmhouse kitchens, this hardware is specifically finished in a way to make it look like there’s been some natural wear and tear, even if they’re brand new. They add an effortless rustic feel that many homeowners are looking for in their kitchen decor.

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