Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2022

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Kitchens

Welcome to 2022 and a whole new year of design trends to explore! Designers are already seeing some popular choices emerge, so let’s go over what’s started to rise to the top.

Bright colors

Color is making a comeback, and it’s also letting homeowners get creative with how they want to incorporate it. Using it as a focal point, for example, could result in the color only being used on the island cabinets. If they want more of it, then it becomes the question of do they paint all the cabinets, or only the lower/upper sets? In terms of popular colors, earth tones have become a staple in kitchen design – especially green.


As mentioned above, kitchens with two main colors are also becoming more popular. Instead of limiting yourself to only one, you can choose an overall vibe and work the colors around it. For example, many homeowners still like the open and clean look of white cabinets, but they also want a pop of color. Assigning one color to the upper cabinets and one to the lower cabinets gives the overall look of the kitchen a satisfying duality.

Natural materials

For the homeowners wishing to go with a more organic look, another popular trend is using natural materials and textures for the cabinets and counters. Instead of paint, they rely on natural wood and stone colors to set the mood. That also includes the backsplash, which comes in a wide variety of options.

More storage and amenities

As many have taken up cooking and baking, the need for kitchen appliances has also increased. With more of those, homeowners have also found that they need more storage or certain kitchen amenities that make it easier to use and store the appliances.

Sleek lines

Clean, geometric designs will be taking center stage for kitchens in counter cuts, backsplash, hardware, and other ways. Pulls have become more and more popular for their minimalist design, and that won’t be going away any time soon.

Rustic/farmhouse design 

Continuing in popularity, this more natural style has still been a high request, and that often means white cabinets in an open space. With color gaining some popularity, homeowners have also tried combining this style with a pop of color added in.

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