Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Farmhouse vs. Contemporary

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Custom Cabinets

When it comes time to finally design your new kitchen, a lot of the decisions come down to the cabinets and their style, color, and shape. They will set the tone for the entire room, so it’s important to have a style in mind before you start. Two of the most popular ones, farmhouse and contemporary, tell us a lot about the kind of custom cabinets we’ll be designing and other additions you should be doing to the room.

Overall, farmhouse is defined as a style with practical, simplistic, and rustic elements. It focuses on comfort and natural materials to really achieve a homey vibe to your kitchen. Some of the key elements include:

White painted or lighter cabinets

One of the most popular choices for those who love the farmhouse style: white cabinets. They open up the space and create a fresh, clean look. Then, that cozy feel can be customized by adding in vintage-inspired additions to the space like antiques lining the top of the counters or rustic decor items used for counter storage.

Cozy furniture

If you include island chairs or a breakfast nook, for example, then focus on cozy, plush furniture that really supports the homey aesthetic. The furniture can be more rustic in nature and even have some weathered wood elements, but they’ll also need to be comfortable to fit the style.

Contrasting hardware

When dealing with white cabinets, they can look too sterile without the right accents. Choosing black, matte hardware is a popular choice for farmhouse style because it makes a statement while still staying simplistic and breaking up the plain white surface.

The simplistic, clean look continues with contemporary design, but it definitely takes a more modern turn with these elements:

Steel/metal accents

Stainless steel appliances offer a nice contrast to the wood cabinets and then match the metal accents that emerge through the hardware. Whether you choose to maintain the steel or opt for some brass elements, just embracing the metal material moves the room into modern territory.

Black and white colors

Contrasting black and white accents, when done right, create a crisp, modern look for any room. This looks especially stylish in a kitchen if you mismatch the cabinet and countertop colors.

Front flat cabinets

Continuing the sleek, simplistic personality of this style, cabinets in a contemporary kitchen are usually flat and do not have any kind of panel design in them. It inspires a cohesive look across the kitchen, creating a clean, geometric feel without being too constricting.

No matter the style you choose for your kitchen, Eischen Cabinets can help you decide on the best cabinets for your kitchen remodel. We specialize in custom cabinets for your home.