6 Kitchen Cabinet Amenities We Love

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Custom Cabinets

One of our favorite parts about helping design a new cabinet installation: the opportunity for amenities. It’s easy to lose appliances, utensils, and ingredients in the kitchen and pantry after a couple years of adding to your collection. Setting up a better, organized system, however, helps you navigate the area like a pro. Here are some of our favorite amenities to consider:

Pull-out Trash. There’s no need to find a place for your trash can or worry about tripping over it when you can have this feature instead! Depending on the size you want, you can also fit a trash and recycling bin, so they’ll be out of sight and mind until they need to be used.

Built-in Utensils Drawer. Instead of having a messy drawer filled with all of your miscellaneous cooking utensils, you can opt for a more organized option. Whether it’s set up horizontally or vertically, it will be much easier to find what you need when they all have their own designated place. Keeping the utensils hidden will make your counters look cleaner and you won’t have to worry about them gathering dust.

Pull-out Snack Pantry. Don’t lose your favorite snacks in the back of the pantry again! Once installed, you can keep everyone’s favorite snacks or even baking supplies like sugar, flour, and chocolate chips on hand in a more organized manner. It keeps all of those ingredients fresh too.

Pull-out Spice Rack. It’s easy to lose track of your spice collection when you’ve got them pushed away in a corner of your pantry or only have room to keep half of them near the stove. A pull-out spice rack will be easy to access, and the right design will make sure you can easily view your entire collection. Then, you won’t have to worry about accidentally doubling up, and they can still be kept out of the light and heat to ensure peak flavor.

Paper Towel Dispenser. Keep the counters clear and ready for your cooking prep when you have a paper towel dispenser installed in your cabinets. A lower compartment is perfect for when you need a quick clean-up, and then you don’t have to brace a standstill holder as you roll it out.

Custom Mixer Storage. In some cases, this has also been called a mixer garage since it’s a designed hidden place specifically for the stand mixer. Depending on the design of the kitchen, this compartment can simply be pulled out or placed on a lifted board like in the example above. Then you won’t have to struggle with lifting the heavy appliance onto the counter.

If you’re in the Twin Cities metro, Eischen Cabinets can handle all of your custom cabinet needs. We can work with your budget, and we have a workflow process that keeps our shop on schedule to meet demanding deadlines.