4 Benefits to Adding a Mudroom to Your Home

by | May 15, 2022 | Custom Cabinets

No matter the size of your home, creating a designated area to contain the mess is an ideal way to organize some of the daily chaos. In this case, a mudroom is great for keeping the outdoors away of the rest of your home by confining it to one place. Then, in messy times like the muddy springtime, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the mud across the home. Overall, there are so many benefits to adding a mudroom to your home or upgrading it.

Helps maintain your clean home.

When you add a mudroom, you want to make sure it’s around the entry way to your home. That way, you can keep all outside contaminants in one place where there’s space to keep shoes, coats, winter accessories, and other outside items. Instead of dragging road salt or mud through other rooms, you will only have to worry about cleaning one area. Plus, mudrooms should be designed to be easy to clean with wood or vinyl floors.

Adds storage.

Instead of storing away all your seasonal gear in the basement or attic, now you can keep it all in a more accessible place. Depending on how much storage the area fits, you can even use it to store other items like dog leashes, outdoor toys, and other things you don’t want to keep in the garage where it’s not as temperature regulated. Plus, you can store cleaning items like your mop and broom so it’s easy to grab them when you need to clean the floors.

Helps you stay organized.

Whether you’ve only got family in the home or you’re welcoming visitors, it’s nice to have a designated area for their coats and shoes. It helps avoid clutter in other parts of the home, and you won’t have guests accidentally track in dirt when there’s a clear designated area for their shoes.

Offers versatility.

Depending on your needs and the location of the mudroom, you can even include features like a shower stall, washtub, kennel, or washer/dryer. In other words, it can become a multipurpose place for cleaning the kids and pets after a long day outside getting dirty. Then, you can also throw clothes in the wash right away and keep the pets in the mudroom until they can be washed.

If a mudroom is what your home has been missing, then 2022 may be the year to finally get one. Eischen Cabinets specializes in custom storage solutions, and we can work with your budget and remodeler. If you’re in the Twin Cities metro, Eischen Cabinets can handle all of your custom cabinet needs.