(White and Maple)

The construction of the cabinet cases (boxes) can be done using several different products. By and large a Melamine product is used. There are two means in applying this Melamine product to a substrate material. Fused and Rolled. ECC uses the better Fused Melamine product. By fusing the melamine, a very hard, durable, well wearing surface is created that is very easy to clean. Additionally, the finished Melamine surface is resistant to water, chemicals and house hold cleaners. Most commonly used are a White Melamine and Maple Melamine finish. (Additional colors, patterns and wood grains are available at additional cost and lead times.) This melamine product is only used on cabinets that have wood doors and drawers. All cabinets that have glass doors or no doors will be constructed with a veneered product, finished to match the exteriors of the cabinets.


Also available is an Ultra-Violet (UV) finished Maple veneered product. This is a true veneer core material with a natural finshed look, created by the UV finishing process.


If you want the interiors of you cabinets to match the exteriors of the cabinets then a veneered wood product can be used. This veneered surface would be finished to match the exterior of the cabinets.

Additionally, all of the cabinets constructed by ECC will have matching backs.

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