Trendy Bathroom Cabinet Remodeling Ideas

by | Mar 13, 2022 | Bathroom Cabinets

The importance of bathroom design can often be overlooked in favor of the kitchen, but this space is also an essential part of the home. It’s used every day, and it can set a mood for the day each morning you step into it. If you’ve been looking to update this room into something more your style, we’ve put together some ideas for your bathroom remodel.

Warm Wood Finish

In a room meant for pampering, the bathroom benefits from warm, cozy vibes. Choosing a warm wood stain helps bring that to life and turn your bathroom into the oasis you always wanted.

White Cabinets

Farmhouse kitchens aren’t the only room seeing a rise in white cabinets. Working off of the same concept of being open and bright, white cabinets in the bathroom are a great way to make the space look bigger and welcoming. Plus, with a mostly white focus on the cabinets, homeowners are free to add color in other places like an accent wall, towels, shower curtain, etc.

Mix of Shelving Types

Just like the kitchen, you can mix and match which type of shelving you want in the bathroom. While having the majority closed can help prevent condensation getting to linens, for example, setting products you use every day on an open shelf helps you stay on routine. Plus, they can be used for decor if you’ve chosen a specific theme such as beach or jungle.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

A classic bathroom staple, this type of cabinet has been modernized, so there are many different styles to choose from. Whether you’re designing a modern or vintage bathroom, a custom mirror cabinet will match whatever vibe you’re hoping to achieve.

Over-the-Toilet Cabinets

To avoid making the space look smaller, installing a hanging cabinet over the toilet will allow you to store all the toilet paper and other bathroom necessities you need close by.

Under-the-Tub Storage

While this will not be as plausible if you hope to have a claw-footed bath, installed cabinets around a tub lets you keep all of your bath time supplies right where you need them. For self-care days, it can house smelling salts, bath bombs, and a bath tray. If you have kids, you can easily store all of their toys right where you need them.

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